Welcome to my winter adventure 

Wooden dolls in traditional Mongolian dress, as proudly displayed at the Mongolian Embassy in South Kensington

I have specifically set up this blog to document and share the adventure of my lifetime – a two-month secondment to far-away Mongolian capital, followed by a two-week trip across China. To all my family, friends and colleagues, thank you for supporting me in the preparations and cheering me on! I hope you will enjoy the pictures, the updates and the short stories from the very exotic Ulaanbaatar and the Middle Kingdom.

A brief disclaimer – as my readers are made up of Polish and English speakers, and I am not a particularly patient translator, I am planning to post in both Polish and English interchangeably, with the majority of the posts in English.

It’s now less than a week to go and the prospect of finding myself in the midst of the chilly Mongolian winter is materialising by the minute. The excitement is building up with the customary Reisefieber thrown in for a good measure. Bear with me this week whilst I’m manically trying to complete the remaining errands and say frantic goodbyes to you all.


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